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Shop our complete collection of sex toy accessories including sex toy cleaners, batteries, lotions, sex slings and props. You’ll find everything you need to compliment your sex toys and help make them last. Select from any of our high quality sex accessories below.

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Afterglow Candle Afterglow Candle
Light Afterglow and use it as a candle, then blow it out and drizzle it on your partner. When heated, the wax liquefies into high-slip massage oil that softens and hydrates the skin, and adds sexy fun to a romantic night!
Price: $29.95 

Great Gifts!

N Batteries N Battery
You don't have to go searching for these type N batteries--we've got them right here, so you can enjoy your new toys right out of the box!
Price: $1.95 

Pjur Med Clean Pjur Med Clean
This toy sanitizer doubles as a personal cleaning spray. Protect your toys and your body with this gentle anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral cleaner.
Price: $19.95 

Romance Tonight Door Hanger Romance 2Nite Door Hanger
This playful accessory serves as both a racy Do Not Disturb sign for your bedroom door and a hint to your lover that you have something special planned for the evening. This red satin door hanger pillow with black feather trim makes a lovely addition to Valentine’s Day or any night of romance!
Price: $7.95 

New Items!

Ben Wa Balls Ben Wa Balls
These beautiful silver Ben Wa balls were inspired by the erotic secret of ancient Chinese women, but the sensation of the smooth spheres rolling inside of her will drive her to orgasm even in the modern era.
Price: $19.95 

Best Sellers

Chain Clamps Chain Clamps
Nonpiercing nipple clamps have adjustable tension and a connecting chain made of nontarnishing metal to further arouse and tease, as well as decorate your breasts!
Price: $24.95 

Bondage Tape Bondage Tape
This amazing bondage tape was designed to be self-adhesive so it never pulls skin or hair. As sexy as it is sassy, it has a many uses and re-uses. It's also waterproof and easy to clean no matter HOT your play gets!
Price: $19.95 

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