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Sex Games for Couples and Lovers

Board games, card games and other creative sex games for couples & lovers who want to spice up their relationships.

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Romance Tonight Door Hanger Romance 2Nite Door Hanger
This playful accessory serves as both a racy Do Not Disturb sign for your bedroom door and a hint to your lover that you have something special planned for the evening. This red satin door hanger pillow with black feather trim makes a lovely addition to Valentine’s Day or any night of romance!
Price: $7.95 

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Sex Casino Sex Casino
They’ve packed 25 really fun games all into one small box! From sexy twists on old favorites to brand new games you’ve never played before, you’ll never get bored with all the options in this box.
Price: $24.95 

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Monogamy Monogamy
As featured in Cosmo! This board game for two gives you everything you need for a sexy night in. Cozy up with your partner, break out a bottle of wine, and dive into the couples’ game that’s all about discovering each other’s turn-ons and translating them to bedroom fun!

Price: $49.95 

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Sexy Love Dice Sexy Love Dice
Sexy Love Dice--as seen on the Simpsons! This couple's dice game made for oral adventures heats things up with erogenous zones on one die and sensual actions to perform on the other for prolonged foreplay and heightened sexual anticipation.
Regular Price: $11.95
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This simple card game consists of 42 pull-tab cards with different erotic favors that you "owe" your partner; simply leave a card someplace they're sure to find it and give them an IOU you'll never mind paying back!
Price: $17.95 

SexSmarts SexSmarts
A fun and educational trivia game that really challenges your erotic knowledge (and can foster communication between couples), Sexsmarts may be played with any number of people at any sexual skill level!
Regular Price: $24.95
On Sale Now: $17.95 

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