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Scherezade Nipple Rings Scherezade Nipple Rings
Gently tease her breasts into arousal with these non-piercing nipple rings that not only feel sensational but also look incredible against the pure skin of her bare breast.
Regular Price: $19.95
On Sale Now: $18.95 

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Astroglide Astroglide
One of the most popular personal lubricants for decades, Astroglide's water-soluble formula makes it greaseless, odorless, long lasting, slippery and completely condom safe.
Regular Price: $16.95
On Sale Now: $16.61 

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Afterglow Toy Tissues Afterglow Toy Tissues
Lightly scented tissues are pre-moistened with an anti-bacterial astringent so they're perfect for use on toys, while still being gentle and fragrant enough for your skin!
Regular Price: $0.99
On Sale Now: $0.94 

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