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I read somewhere that it is very dangerous to blow air into the vagina. That it could kill a woman. Is this true?


I too remember being horrified when I first heard about this. Unfortunately, it has become more of an urban legend than a real concern. While it is indeed a theoretical danger, I have never been able to locate a confirmed case in the medical literature, except in cases of pregnancy.

If you were to blow air very strongly into the vagina, with your lips pressed tightly against the vulva (thus preventing escape of the air), it is theoretically possible that you could create what is known as an air embolus. This is a form of embolism, where an air bubble blocks the passage of blood in an artery or vein. In severe cases, if blood flow is completely obstructed, the tissue in that area would die. If the embolus were to travel up to the heart or lungs, it would indeed be possible to die. You should know that when a woman is pregnant, and her cervix begins to dilate, she is more likely to suffer an embolism. In extremely rare cases, this has even been reported to occur from intercourse.

In the days before abortion was legal, many women used to die each year from embolisms created by the insertion of instruments into the uterus. So, yes, you can definitely die from an air embolus, but the question is how likely one is to be created from blowing air into the vagina.

I think it is pretty clear that normal, run-of-the-mill oral sex carries no risk. Even blowing lightly onto the vagina is perfectly fine. I would, however, avoid blowing strongly into the vagina, especially if your partner is pregnant. Otherwise, there is really nothing to worry about -- but I'm glad you asked.

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