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What exactly is a "French Tickler"?


A French Tickler is really nothing more than a specially designed condom with extra rubber, plastic or latex protrusions. These often take the shape of small animals, plants, devils or sometimes just patterns of ribs, ridges and nubs. There are even newer kinds with little pearls. Sort of like a ribbed condom on steroids.

Many men seem to think that these extra "stimulators" will convey extra pleasure to a woman during intercourse. The reality, however, is that many women can't really feel the difference. Since the center of sexual pleasure for most women is the clitoris, and given that only the outer third of the vagina has sensitive nerve endings, most of these little extras will have a negligible effect. The exception are the types that are designed to go around the base or entire length of the penis. Many heterosexual couples do enjoy the extra sensation associated with them. As for sex with another man using a French Tickler, the extra nubs are likely to cause abrasions, therefore I would not recommend it.

You should also be aware that all of these devices are sold for "novelty use only." None of them should be used for for birth control or protection from sexually transmitted infections. They are for fun, which is what sex is all about!

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