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Is it possible for a man to have an orgasm without an ejaculation?


Although most people usually use the terms orgasm and ejaculation interchangeably when referring to men, the two are, in fact, distinct processes. It is entirely possible, though uncommon, for men to have orgasms with no ejaculation, or even more rarely, ejaculation without orgasm. There are certain medical problems which cause a condition known as retrograde ejaculation in which a man ejaculates internally. Some men even deliberately teach themselves to clench their PC muscles very tightly or squeeze the end of the penis immediately prior to orgasm to avoid ejaculating.

For reasons not entirely understood, it is ejaculation and not orgasm that causes a man to go into a refractory period. Thus, if a man can avoid ejaculating, he can keep his erection and have an almost unlimited number of orgasms. Hmmm... sounds better all the time doesn't it?

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