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The Best Mens Sex Toys:
Five Mens Toys That are a Must

All right, it's true. Most of the sex toys made today are designed with women in mind. But that doesn't mean there aren't some superb mens sex toys out! To help you find some of the very best, we've collected five toys below that have received top-flight reviews from the real experts: the men who have used them!

Dream Sleeve
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1. Dream Sleeve

Customer Review: "I now know why they call this the Dream Sleeve. It is my first toy. I have bought several toys for my wife and thought I would try one. It's as close to the real thing as you can get -- add lube and enjoy!"

Thriller vibrating ring
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2. Thriller

Customer Review: "I found this little device a most welcome surprise. It pleased the both of us in all the right spots! The tight fit was just perfect and the battery capacity more than enough. The best of the seven levels seemed to be the continuous modes!"

Tenga Flip
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3. Pure Indulgence

Customer Review: "This is my second purchase with "MyPleasure" and it's a very good one for me. I'm on the small to average size and this toy fits me nicely. The free lube isn't as slick as I hoped, but overall, I'm satisfied I bought this product. I especially like the feel of the material from which it's made. And since I'm a 4th year prostate cancer survivor, this is naturally a breeze for me to clean up. It helped produce a 4 minute continuous orgasm!"

King jelly extender
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4. King

Customer Review: "My wife loved this one; it's firmer than the Cyberskin penis extensions we have been using. It went on easily, was just a bit loose on me, but it sort of added to the pleasure as it slipped. She loved it, but would like a bit more girth to it. We use this and the Cyberskin 3" all the time; we don't leave home without it!"

Menís Pleasure Wand
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5. Menís Pleasure Wand

Customer Review: "The very first time I used this toy it got me off in just minutes. The vibrations on my testicles, along with the prostate being tickled and stimulated, made me orgasm without even touching my penis. Absolutely wonderful for those nights alone."

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