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Sex Toys in Disguise: The Top Ten Sex Toys ... That Don't Look Like Sex Toys!

Chances are you don't live in a home where leaving your naughty sex toys lying around is your best option. Maybe you have children. Perhaps your parents like to drop by unexpectedly. Maybe you're just the kind of person who believes toys for discreet use should be just that -- discreet.

We've got just the thing to help you out. Here, we've compiled a list of MyPleasure's top ten most discreet sex toys.

Hidden Pleasures lipstick vibrator 1. Hidden Pleasures: As innocent as her lipstick
This lipstick-shaped vibrator is one of MyPleasure's most popular items, both for its discreetness and its wonderfully powerful and quiet vibrations. At just four inches tall, it's the same shape and size as a tube of lipstick. It even has a removable cap just like traditional lipsticks, so you can leave it out, unnoticed, or carry it along with you in your purse or travel bag. With a toy this discreet, you could even take it out in public and nobody will even give it a second look!

maia 2. Rub My Duckie: A great bath time toy.
Housemates and guests will assume this vibrator is just a whimsical toy that reminds you of your childhood. Little do they know that with just a squeeze this toy becomes a bath time favorite with its powerful vibrations and different surfaces perfect for nestling into your most intimate places. Not the best discreet toy if you have children though as they may think itís their toy.

PureBliss personal massager 3. PureBliss: A back massager with benefits
Not only was this massager designed with the unique curves of the female body in mind, but it was also designed to look innocent enough to leave out or even use in public. This simple, curved massager with an ergonomic hand pack could just as easily be used for shoulder or back massage, with or without vibration. A new and improved version of PureBliss is here with more features and even better design, though its original intent remains the same -- a non-phallic and non-sexual looking all-over body massager that may easily be left out without giving anyone a reason to think it's anything less than innocent. This massager is sure to bring her to climax with powerful clitoral vibrations, but it looks like it could never be as naughty as its use was intended.

Wahl Massager 4. Wahl Massager: Great for sore muscles.
Designed and packaged as an allover body massager, the Wahl can be used as its intended or for more fun it also feels great between the thighs. Keep this extremely intense vibe plugged in next to your bed and most will assume itís for your aching shoulders. Only you, and other Wahl owners, will know what you really use it for. And as a bonus, on the low setting (which has knock your socks off power) itís almost silent.

LAYAspot intimate stimulator 5. LAYAspot: Pretty and effective
So versatile and beyond discreet, LAYAspot is ergonomically-designed for use by either partner, so it makes a great toy to have around! Its sculptural shape also belies its true purpose: mind-blowing vibration and pulsation. It's also waterproof so it may be used in shower and stored in the bathroom for convenience. This vibe is practically silent, so it's stays undercover even during use! Pretty, practical and loads of fun.

Incognito nail polish vibrator 6. Incognito: Hide a vibe in your manicure set
What woman doesn't have the occasional bottle of nail polish laying out in her bedroom, bathroom or living room? What visitors don't need to know is that her real beauty secret is this tiny but powerful vibrator disguised as a bottle of pretty, pink nail polish. Incognito was developed in response to the overwhelming popularity of Hidden Pleasures, and it has all the benefits of the popular lipstick-shaped vibrator and then some. Incognito still has powerful, concentrated vibrations that operate nearly silently, but the vibrating tip is also flexible for greater maneuverability. This tiny vibrator also travels well and never gives anybody reason to wonder.

Body Glow 7. Tybo Europa: Lip gloss or art?
In your purse, this beautiful aluminum vibrator looks exactly like a high end lip gloss. Display it on its base and place it on a table or display case with a few other choice pieces and voila youíve got art! And the best news of all is that it feels as luxurious as it looks.

Vibrating Pillow 8. Remote Control Vibrating Pillow: Just a pillow, nothing to see here.
Youíre just the kind of gal to have a sweet, cheesy heart covered throw pillow on your bed or couch arenít you? What if it contained a vibrator? I thought that would get you in the mood. Use it as a vibrating positioning prop, lay on it while you please your partner, or use it while alone for something soft and tingly to press up against.

Lily - Velvet Plum clitoris stimulator 9. Lily: More like a sculpture than a sex toy
This is one vibrator that no one would ever bat an eye at. Not only does it not look like a sex toy -- it actually looks like a work of art! Which means you can leave it lying around the house and no one will be the wiser. Its multi-speed vibrations include pulsation settings and its ergonomic design means it's comfortable to use, making Lily one versatile little toy. Use it on erogenous zones and more! You can also take it with you just about anywhere, since the its sleek lines and tiny size are ultra-portable.

Secret Seduction remote vibe 10. Secret Seduction: Nobody will ever know you're using it!
How about a toy you can actually use in public without anybody knowing? Secret Seduction is a thong with a remote-controlled, and removable, vibrating egg that can be positioned for vaginal or clitoral stimulation. The powerful vibrations excite whether she's at home or out for dinner and a movie. Like all remote-controlled toys, this teaser is fun whether you're controlling the vibrations yourself or you've handed the remote over to a lover. And there are even more options! See MyPleasure's complete collection of remote-controlled toys for more ways to play in public without anybody knowing.

It's really amazing how discreet sex toys have become. For home, travel or other uses, you can always find something small, uniquely designed and easy to stash. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for, you may want to contact MyPleasure's customer service team for other suggestions. You may also want to see our ideas on where to hide your sex toys.

Hidden or proudly displayed, all of these toys are sure to delight, and they're all perfect gift ideas for that person who might be just a little shy about sex toys or is a first time user. Welcome to the world of sex toys in disguise!

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