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At MyPleasure, we often recommend playing games with your lover... not "head" games, but sensual games, the kind that spice up your sex life. You can purchase a ton of board and card games for this activity, and we recommend using these games as they've been specially designed to address sex and relationship issues.

However, if you're looking for a less expensive way to add some game playing to your sex life, try one of these great games developed and endorsed by the MyPleasure staff! They're fun, easy and inexpensive -- and best of all, you can be ready to play in no time!

Fishbowl Fantasy Sex Game

Required Materials:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Bowl, Bag or Other Container
  • Wild Imagination

How To Play
The most common bedroom sex games involve role-playing. For this game, each partner gets ten pieces of paper and writes down ten role-playing fantasy scenarios. Examples include prisoner and guard, doctor and patient, nurse and doctor ... you get the idea. The key here is to keep your picks a secret from your partner and don't tell them what you're writing down. Fold the pieces of paper in half and put them in the fishbowl. Each night, one of you draws a piece of paper and the two of you act out the role-playing fantasy.

This game works just as well if you write down other types of sexual fantasies, such as acts you'd like your partner to perform, time periods you'd like the sex to last, or locations in the house you'd like to have sex. The best part of this game? It can last for as long as your imagination does! Some couples even use the fishbowl as a reward system. Got a promotion at work? Pick from the fishbowl, honey, and we'll celebrate!

Hide-and-Seek Sex Game

Required Materials:

  • Something you can hide
  • A list of sexual treats you'd both like.

How To Play
First, draw straws or role dice to determine who will hide first and who will seek first. Whoever is the first "Hider" takes the item you're hiding and attaches a note about what sexual reward the finder gets if they find the item. Then the Hider hides the item anywhere in the house. The Seeker has 24 hours to find the item if they want to be rewarded with the sexual treat it offers. This game, also, has the benefit of continuing for as long as you want it to... days, weeks or even years!

Blind Seduction Sex Game

Required Materials:

  • A blindfold or a piece of soft material that can be used as a blindfold
  • A collection of things to touch your lover with, such as feathers, silk, leather... or your tongue!

How To Play
First, decide on a prize, and then draw straws or roll dice to figure out who will be blindfolded and who will be the Tantalizer. Then place the blindfold on the person whose eyes will be covered and get ready for some fun! The Tantalizer can then do one of two things:

  • Have the blindfolded person feel ten objects and try to guess what they are. Of course, this is more fun if some of the items they have to identify are the Tantalizer's body parts and other items are shaped like the Tantalizer's body parts!

  • Touch the blindfolded person with ten different objects or materials and see how many they can guess correctly. Use both soft and hard materials to create a variety of arousing sensations as well as using your own skin or tongue for at least one of the ten.
Winning is based on criteria you set at the beginning. You decide how many items the blindfolded person needs to guess correctly to win. If they get that number correct, then they get the sexual prize they requested. If they get less than that number correct, the Tantalizer gets what they requested. But don't you both win, really?

Dare-Me Dice Sex Game

Required Materials:

  • A pair of standard dice

How To Play
Sit down together and assign each possible numerical combination on the dice a sexual act (make sure you write this down so there aren't any arguments later!). For example, snake eyes are worth a chaste kiss, a four and a three are worth oral sex, and two sixes are worth intercourse. Whatever works for you.

Then, when the mood hits you, or each night before bed, one person gets to roll the dice and wins the sexual act that goes with the number he or she rolled. This is even better if some of the numerical combinations on the dice are "loser" combinations. For example, rolling a four could just be getting tickled or being hit with a pillow!

Strip Anything Sex Games

Required Materials:

  • A deck of cards or your favorite household board game (Monopoly works well!)

How To Play
We all know about strip poker, but did you know that you can extend that game to any card game or board game? Take, for example, Go Fish: each time a person loses a round, they remove an article of clothing. Or try Scrabble. The lowest score in each round takes off a piece of clothing. Our house favorite? Strip Monopoly! Each time you own all three properties of a color, the opponent has to strip off a piece. You can apply the rules of nudity to just about any game, with the possible exception of chess... wait, when you take a piece, you take off a piece of clothing. Darn. Oh well, just a demonstration of how flexible this game can be!

Everyone Deserves a Gold Star Sex Game

Required Materials:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • Gold star stickers

How To Play
Admittedly, this isn't so much a game as it is a way to encourage sex in your household, but when one of our MyPleasure staff members described this technique, we felt it would be unfair for us not to share!

First, sit down with your partner and agree on "Point Values" for certain sexual acts. For example, if your partner enjoys receiving oral sex, then you get ten points if you perform oral sex on them. Perhaps you get five points for a sensual massage and so on. Post the list of point values somewhere in the house so that you both can refer to them.

Next, each person picks a material gift they'd like the other person to buy for them. If the woman enjoys shoes, perhaps she picks an expensive pair of shoes she'd feel guilty buying for herself, and perhaps the man selects a piece of sports gear he's been dying to have -- whatever motivates each person. After you've picked your items, you both agree on how many points each person has to accumulate before they get their gift. Half the fun here is in the haggling over how many sexual points a new leather coat is worth!

The final step? Get to work having sex! If you want your lover to buy the gift you picked out, you have to reach the point total you both agreed upon. It's even more fun if you post the points in a public display: put a point total tally on the refrigerator and keep track of points by putting up those famous sticky gold stars. When you've reached your point total you'll both be sexually satisfied and have new presents you bought for each other! As soon as one person reaches their point total, it's up to the other person to present their gift to them. Sex and presents. What more could people want?

We really hope you try some of these games on your own. For the most part, they're easy and quick, with little effort required for a huge payoff increased intimacy and a splendid orgasm!

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