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Letter Archive

The Lifeguard
We were sitting there, with our feet in the water, drinking our beers, when all of a sudden she pushed me down and climbed on top of me. She said she'd been checking me out all day, and she wanted to practice her mouth-to-mouth on me. Like I was going to argue with that!

The Fantasy Wedding Night
But it was too late. All his pent-up sexuality was boiling over the top. Even as the words were coming out of my mouth, he had pushed me up against the wall and was roughly fondling my breasts through my wedding bustier as he bruised my lips with his impassioned kisses ...

At the Ball Game
Before I knew what was happening, he had turned me around so my back was against the wall and his body was covering me, and sometime in there he managed to get my shorts unzipped, loosened and pulled down.

Subway Fantasy
he dream always starts out the same. I'm on the subway headed home from work. The car is full of hot guys. I mean, really hot guys. The kind you imagine would look better with their shirts off.

Very Happy Holiday
As I stood there, he walked to me, taking his shirt off as he came until he was about five feet in front of me and completely shirtless. I was getting aroused just watching his taut muscular chest ripple as he walked.

My First Time, but Not My Last
I went to pay her for the lap dance, and she told me not to bother, that is was her treat. But then she said if I wanted to pay her back later, I could take her home and do nasty things to her...

Halloween Party
The pinch was harder than I expected and I gasped a little bit, which seemed to encourage him. He reached a hand under my plentiful skirts and repeated the pinch...

While You're At Work
I'll use my other hand to rub my breasts, first my left, then my right. Then I'll come back to the first breast and pinch my nipple until I can barely stand the feeling any more...

Something New
You lead me to the bed and slowly moisturize my body with lightly scented jasmine lotion. By this point, I'm so relaxed I feel as though I'm floating away into the sky...

I Remember High School
When we opened the door, your hands were already on my ass, checking to see if it was as firm as it was when I was seventeen, and I could tell you weren't disappointed...

Piercing Love
It all started when I invited you to go to the body piercing shop with me. I decided to surprise you by getting my nipples pierced...

At the Beach
I know how you like to read saucy letters in bed so I'm going to tell you a story about a night I spent in during a hot summer in New England...


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