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  Mild Mannered

The water is colder than I expect as I step into the shower with him. It's the kind of thing you don't know about someone who isn't your husband of 16 years, the temperature in which they take a shower. As the initial shock of the cold wears off, I notice John's perfect, hard body. His eyes are closed as the water rushes all over him. He is perfect. He is hard. He is gorgeous. I stare for a few moments. I can't believe this man, this beautiful man, is taking a shower in my bathroom. Although freezing, I am breathing heavily and extremely aroused.

We go through the polite routine of taking a shower together for the first time, soaping up, washing hair, saying the obligatory "excuse me" as we switched places to lather and then to rinse. But make no mistake. I want him.

As I am mindlessly washing myself, I can feel the sexual heat rising inside of me. At one point, I gently brush my engorged clit with my hand and I have to bite my own lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

I am rinsing my hair when I feel his hands on my breasts. He is standing behind me, fondling my erect nipples. I almost come as soon as he pinches my right nipple. He twists them with his fingers. Pulling, squeezing, rubbing. I moan and sigh. It is this exquisite feeling; his hands all over my breasts. The water is pouring down my face, I can barely breathe, I am panting and on the verge. He turns me around, smiles, asks me if I am finished getting cleaned up and proceeds to kiss me full and hard on the lips.

As he kisses me, he continues to fondle my breasts. He is much rougher than my husband of 16 years. John handles them differently -- he's more aggressive with them, more demanding. And I want more.

Suddenly he pulls one hand away from my breast and starts to rub my swollen clit. I arch my back to meet his nimble fingers. He is rubbing, fondling and squeezing my clit with such intensity that I come almost immediately. He stops for a minute and I cover his hand with mine on my mound and finish the orgasm. Then he keeps going... and I keep coming.

After a few minutes, he manages to push two fingers inside my hot, wet pussy, as he is still working my clit. I am leaning against him, gyrating, moaning and coming. Our bodies are greedy and wanting as the water is splashing around us and we are moving steadily to this unheard rhythm.

His penis is hard now. Erect. Wet. Gorgeous. Over our last few encounters, I have become obsessed with his penis. It's unlike anything I have ever seen. Except of course, when I saw it 22 years ago, when I was a mere 16 years old. But at 16 years old, I had no basis with which to compare. Now at 38 years old, with more to compare, it still amazes and excites me. It's incredible. Large, wide, smooth, powerful and perfect. I reach out, stroke it lightly and he smiles at me. I hold that perfect penis in my hand, stroking and rubbing, touching his balls. I want to go down on him now, but he has other things on his mind.

It's like that with John. There are times when I just want him inside me fucking me hard and deep. Or when I want to suck him to my heart's content. But he feels the need to make me come and come and come. He has made me wetter than anyone has before; he has made me come so many times in a single night, we have lost count. He tells me that my pleasure alone is what puts him over the edge.

He makes me let go of the perfect penis. I am angry; I want to suck his cock so badly. Sucking John's cock is an exciting, almost selfish experience for me. It turns me on in such an intense way. I want to suck him now. I want to taste him, lick him, swallow him. But, like I said, he has other plans.

John holds me as I stand sideways in front of him. He begins kissing me all over my neck, my face, my shoulders. My mind lets go. My pussy is throbbing, so thick and wet. He rubs his cock along the side of my body, up and down, up and down. Yeah, suddenly my anger about not being able to put him deep inside my mouth is gone. As he is moving against me, he puts two of fingers from his right hand deep inside my aching pussy, while his thumb is still massaging my clit. He is moving his fingers so fast that I can barely catch my breath. I am lost in this wave of sheer pleasure while thinking to myself how badly I want him to fuck me.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, I feel another finger working its way into my tight ass. I am surprised at his aggression, but completely turned on. It's the whole John "Yin and Yang" concept again. Mild mannered John, fucking my ass with his fingers. The dichotomy of John. Definitely part of my animalistic sexual attraction toward him. I am panting now, juices flowing out of me, breathing heavily, eyes closed, squeezing my own nipples. I move my ass closer to his probing finger and he rams it deep inside my ass. It is this intense mixture of pain and pleasure that I never want to end. He sees me touching myself, smiles and he brings his lips to my right nipple and sucks so hard, I scream. This is some of the best sex I have ever had and he hasn't yet put his marvelous dick inside me.

I am lost in his touch. He is sucking hard on my nipple with his hungry mouth, massaging my bursting clit, fucking my pussy with two fingers and moving his finger in and out of my tight, yet willing ass. I feel like I am being eaten up alive by his insatiable mouth and all of his fingers. He doesn't let up for a second. My pussy tightens around his fingers as I am ready to come. I can barely whisper out his name. My mind is racing with thoughts of him. I feel like he is everywhere. In every part of my body, in every part of my mind. He is sucking my left nipple when I come so hard, so violently, I am shaking. My body is wracked with the waves of this orgasm, again and again and again. John is watching me. Smiling and loving every minute of it.

Now my mind seems completely empty except for the orgasm. But I feel totally and completely alive. I am in this state of pure euphoria. I am pulsing from the lingering effects of his work. I am lost in this sea of John... John... John. John, this amazing, skilled and fucking ferocious lover. Still dripping wet from my own juice, feeling my skin tingle where he has rubbed, sucked and kissed it and reeling from that last earth-shattering orgasm, I find that I still want him. All of him.

We get out of the shower, dry off with thick green towels, smile and laugh as we head to the bedroom.

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