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The Glass Box
Cara Bruce

The best part about the hotel was the bathroom, I could have spent entire days getting ready, it was no wonder everyone walking around the hotel looked so clean. The bathroom was as big as a small studio I once lived in in New York City. In New York a space this size was called an efficiency, in this hotel it was nothing short of luxury.

The bathroom decor focused on glass and metal. A large tub sat on one side -- large enough to fit me and three of my best friends. Above that was a huge mirror and on the next wall, above the vanity, was another huge mirror. And close to the middle of the room was a glass box: the shower. Immediately I took my clothes off. My naked body reflected back at me on all sides, making me flushed and dizzy. I stepped into the glass box, turning around and watching myself stare back. Every angle, every side, nothing was hidden. I was completely exposed.

I turned on the water, it had a shower head with an adjustable massager, you know the kind, turn the knob and make it faster and harder or softer and slower. This sort of shower massager was the turning point in my pubescent life. My younger years were also blessed with a detachable shower head. It was there, in the shower at my parents house that I learned the joys of masturbation. Turn that shower massager on high and it's just as good as any thirty dollar vibrator, except of course when your mother starts yelling about the hour long showers, two, three, four times a day... So here I was in this glass box with a shower head that brought back one handed fantasies and made my nipples erect just by looking at it. Needless to say, I was getting excited.

I turned on the water and felt like a mermaid in an aquarium. The only thing missing was an audience. I began to soap myself up, watching as the water pelted down my back. I rubbed the soap over my tits, across my stomach and down into my cunt. It was then that I had the great idea to shave off all of my hair. I drew the razor across the top of my pussy to take off the first layer, continuing until I was bare. Soon the bottom of my glass tank was covered in short black curlies and the shower was beginning to steam up. It was like doing a disappearing act, the steam starting at the bottom and working it's way up the glass box, hiding my feet, moving up my long legs, over my freshly shorn pussy and reaching my stomach. I really wanted to watch myself, especially now that I was physically equipped to relive my horny little self at age thirteen. I stepped out of the shower, dripping wet (in more ways then one), opened the bathroom door and stepped back in. The chill from the natural air had my skin on edge, making me tingle all over.

Back in my box I ran one hand over my supremely hard nipples, lightly pinching and tugging on them as I parted my legs. I felt like a Playboy centerfold and began posing -- I parted my legs a little farther, arched my back so my tits rubbed against the glass wall, and with one hand parted the lips of my pussy. I took one finger and made my clit nice and hard with tiny circular movements. My head naturally went back and I wanted someone behind me, pulling my hair, and pressing his hard cock between my round ass cheeks. Masturbating alone in the shower was fine when I was young but I was a big girl now, and I wanted to be fucked.

I balanced myself and inserted three fingers of one hand into my hot cunt, I felt myself immediately tighten around my fingers as I used my other hand to tickle my fully erect nub. It felt good, really good, and I looked hot and I was going to come, hard and fast all over my hand but I wanted to come a few times, over and over, with someone whispering dirty things into my ear and pounding away at my now throbbing pussy while I begged him to do me faster and faster.

I was in the middle of this excruciatingly tempting fantasy when the door to my hotel room opened. Out of the corner of my heavily lidded eyes I saw the corner of a cleaning cart being pushed in. I almost shouted but it was too late, the maid had seen me and was staring, her pretty dark eyes looking like they were about to pop out of her head. I, on the other hand, was about to pop out of my skin. Here was my audience and I didn't want to scare her, but I realized I was pressed up against the glass wall of the shower, panting, with my hand between my legs and no trace of a pubic hair to hide what I was doing. She still didn't move. I figured she was either a lesbian or silently chanting rosaries and was afraid to budge until she received the forgiveness of Christ. Her pretty little mouth began to open and I was transfixed. I was afraid she was going to yell for help until, heaven help me, her tongue came out and she licked her lips.

I smiled, a wordless invitation into my underwater land of pleasure. She pushed the cart further into the room and closed the door behind her, this time locking the deadbolt. She was the hottest maid I had ever seen and silently thought she could have cleaned up much better as a stripper or even a cocktail waitress. She appeared Mediterranean, dark skinned, olive eyes and long brown hair. She stood in front of me, bringing new meaning to my fantasy of having an audience, it was now interactive, with full crowd participation. The voyeur and the actress were indistinguishable as she slowly unbuttoned each button of her pretty pink uniform. If I was thirteen then we were about to play a dirty game, my mind was reeling as I began to imagine her perfect almond tits in my mouth. The aureole around her nipples were as big as quarters and dark as coffee ice cream. The rest of her dress slipped off, she wore white cotton panties, but there was nothing innocent about her. I opened the door to hurry her up, the strip show was nice but my pussy was throbbing and tears were forming in my eyes. I wanted her entire fist and forearm up me and I wanted it now.

She entered my box, immediately I grabbed her by the waist and pressed my mouth over one of her tits, using my tongue to draw circles over her hard nipple and then providing hot suction until her crotch began to involuntarily move invitingly against my thigh. I dropped to my knees and parted her legs, wanting to bring her up to speed as quickly as possible. I shoved one finger up her cunt. My tongue made circles on her protruding love spot. I licked and flicked until I felt it grow fully erect. Another finger wiggled up her tight snatch and I silently thanked myself for cutting my fingernails this morning. It didn't take much tongue aerobics before she was convulsing on my hand. Her pussy was clenching around the fingers I had inside of her and my tongue was going wild. Her hands were tangled in my hair, trying to pull me up while pushing me harder into her groin. She moaned, she yelled, and she came all over my face.

I stood up and she turned me around. I looked into my face in the mirror, watching as one of her arms wrapped around my body, tugging on one of my nipples, she wasn't gentle. Her other hand was snaking itself up my hot snatch. I wanted to be fucked hard and from her determination to remove my nipple from my body, I was sure she was going to do it.

"Fist me," I whispered as I felt the first finger slip in, "Fuck me as hard as you can."

Through the mirror I saw her set of perfect white teeth as she smiled. Two fingers, three fingers, I spread my legs even more, watching as her tiny hand began to slowly disappear into my body, four fingers and then the thumb. She began pumping her forearm up and down slowly, teasing me, filling me. Her other hand came down and smacked my clit. "Please fuck me," I yelled. Again she smiled, her arm picking up a little bit of speed.

"Fuck me hard, fist me fast, please," I begged. My pussy was aching and I wanted to be penetrated. She pushed my body up on the glass wall, my tits flattened against it and she grabbed a huge chunk of my hair and pulled it back, all the while pumping me harder and faster with her fist. She was pushing it in and I felt my pussy begin to clench around it. She was going to make me come and every mirror reflected it. I could see her ass quivering as I felt her rub her own cunt against my backside. I could see my slightly parted lips, my half closed eyes, the supremely ecstatic pre-orgasmic look on my face. She let go of my hair and stuck a finger up my ass. It was too much -- sexual sensory overload. My legs began to quiver, my body tightened and suddenly, I released, I started to come and yelled out, but she didn't stop, her fist was like a locomotive and my pussy was the slick track, I came so hard I thought I was going to die or at least collapse. All the while I watched myself. My shaved pussy clenching over her fist and arm, my body shaking and her mouth clamping down on my neck. I came again, my entire body on edge, overly stimulated, the slightest touch could have set me off. After I finished she let me go. I collapsed against the glass wall of the shower and watched as she stepped out, again a stranger. I sunk down to the floor of the shower and let the hot water run over me. She closed the door and once again the steam began to creep up the box, two disappearing acts in one, and me, believing in magic.


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