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Stress Be Gone

Ladies, if you’ve ever used stress as a reason not to have sex, you might want to reconsider. A recent study performed in the Netherlands found that the area of the brain linked to anxiety actually switches off during orgasm. So the next time you come home from a rough day and are feeling all anxious, you might just want to hit the sheets -- alone or with a partner!


Recent Sex Tips & Romantic Advice

Silent Seduction

Loud sex can be fun … really fun. But have you and your lover ever tried to seduce one another in total silence? You might be surprised how sexy it can be to try not to make a sound. The next time you have a romantic rendezvous, before you ever touch, agree that your whole lovemaking session will be silent. Then the fun begins. Tempt and tease each other with extended foreplay, kissing and touching the spots you know really get a rise out of one another. By the time you actually have intercourse, you’ll probably be ready to burst from the added anticipation of having to control your reactions to such pleasure.

Getting a Leg Up

So many times, people rush to give attention to the obvious erogenous zones without first heightening passion in other ways. The next time you’re with your partner, we suggest you give some special attention to their legs. Work from the bottom to the top, lingering at each location. Kiss the backs of their ankles. Tickle their calves. Blow on the backs of their knees. Then stroke and massage their inner and outer thighs using a mix of light and heavy strokes. This last part of your "journey" will not only create exquisite sexual tension between you, it will also physically prep your partner for an amazing orgasm by bringing extra blood flow to their genitals.