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Sex Position Techniques

Take Your Time
A quickie can be fun, but thereís no need to rush to orgasm every time you have sex. Sometimes it can be fun to tease your way to orgasm, whether youíre having sex with a partner or solo sex. The next time youíre enjoying a night of passion (or afternoon delight) try bringing yourself or your partner almost to orgasm and then back off, again and again. When you finally canít take any more and decide to climax, the intensity of the release youíve built up to will be incredibly pleasurable.
Experience the Elements
If youíre someone who isnít afraid of a little outdoor amour, this tip is for you. Think about all the wonderful sensations that you could experience by making love -- or simply making out -- outdoors in different types of weather. Donít just limit yourself to feeling the sunís heat on your body during a sultry summer day. Try having an amorous adventure in a heavy rainstorm so you can enjoy being soaked by each drop of water that touches you, or on a misty day so that you can feel the moisture that glazes your loverís skin. Whatever the weather, itís always good for loviní!
Women Are Different
Hereís a tip for you men out there to help you totally satisfy the special woman in your life. Simply put, men and women experience orgasm differently. Menís orgasms tend to happen quickly and powerfully. Think of them like rockets. Womenís orgasms, well, theyíre more like freight trains. Women often build momentum toward climax more slowly, but their orgasms can also last much longer. So the next time youíre making love to a woman and you sense that she is starting to climax, donít stop what youíre doing assuming your work is done. Oh heavens, no! To truly delight your partner, continue whatever rhythm youíve established until she letís you know (most likely with great delight and praise) that she is finished.
Room to Roam
So often, couples constrain their lovemaking to a single room of the house: the bedroom. They forget that there are a host of other exciting places to get busy. If youíre in this romantic rut, we suggest you play a game. Every time youíre going to make love, take turns with your partner choosing different locations in your home to do it. At first, your choices might not be too surprising -- the living room couch, the shower. But as the game progresses, if you and your lover are both playful and a little adventurous, youíre likely to find that there are a million different locations in your house to get amorous. In fact, you may never look at your guest room closet the same way again!
Wherever, Whenever!
Keeping sex toys and other "tools" of sexuality only in your bedroom limits the creativity and the spontaneity of sex. From this day forward, try stocking up on the things that will help you have a sexy romp wherever, whenever. Start keeping condoms, packets of lube, and small vibrators in unassuming cases in your purse, brief case, glove compartment, even your kitchen drawer! Place these amorous items anywhere you want to add the possibility of sex. Even if you donít take advantage of them right away, it will put you in a sexier, more adventurous frame of mind to know that theyíre there. And, when the time does come, boy, will you be ready!
Erotic Layers
Don't underestimate the sensual value of major household appliances! Sometimes it's sexier to leave your clothes on during lovemaking! If you have an outfit or even just an item of clothing that you absolutely love because you look and feel great in it, why not seduce your lover while wearing it? Not only will you be confident and feel empowered, you'll be even more alluring because you're not revealing everything. Ladies: Full erotic access can still be gained while wearing a silky slip or robe, plus that particular piece will forever bring up fond memories in the future!
Silent Seduction
Sometimes during a sexual encounter, nothing is more erotic than the sound of your own breath--so capitalize on it! The next time you and your lover go to bed, don earplugs before beginning your lovemaking. It will enhance the sound of your breathing and block out the rest of the world so you can focus solely on your other four senses and enjoying one another's bodies.
Hotter Housework
Don't underestimate the sensual value of major household appliances! The vibration supplied by a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer can add a whole new level to a sexual encounter. (Think spin cycle!) Get creative. Whether you make love pressed against the washer, draped over the dryer, or with one of you sitting atop the dishwasher, the vibration and warmth can add a little zing to your lovemaking--not to mention making housework a whole lot hotter.
Do What Feels Good
Don't be limited by vanity when choosing sexual positions; think of all the erotic delights you may be missing when you stick with one tried-and-true, albeit flattering, pose. Experimenting with various directions and stances allows for intimate areas to be stimulated in different ways and provides access to more erogenous zones during sensual play. If you're usually on top, try being on the bottom and vice versa.
Explore New Horizons
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but anal eroticism seems to be on the upswing. So before you relegate this practice to things you would never do, consider this fact: This area of the body has an abundance of nerve endings that respond most favorably to stimulation. If you're new to anal play and are nervous about discomfort, start small. Begin your exploration by self-inserting or having your lover insert a well-lubricated finger or smooth, tiny flanged toy made especially for anal play. We also suggest you use a lubricant designed specifically for anal play, such as Pjur Analyze Me. In trying something new, you may discover new sensations that are out of this world!
Feature Your Favorites
Do you have a favorite body part or physical attribute? There's no better time than lovemaking to highlight it! Love your legs? Choose a sexual position that puts them in plain view (over your lover's shoulders, perhaps). Do you have wonderfully soft skin? Then give your lover a massage using all of your body parts to press against them. Adore your eyes? Hold your lover's gaze during intercourse. Your options are endless. We all have things we don't like about ourselves, but there are plenty of sexy ways to accentuate the positive!
Be a Giver
You've heard the expression "It's better to give than to receive," right? Well that can hold true in the bedroom, too. For a night, take control of your partnerís sexual pleasure. This time, itís all about them. Flirt, tease, kiss, and lick your partner in ways they canít resist. Experiment. You're in charge of doling out pleasure. What better job could there be? Not to mention that your lover wonít soon forget the delight you've given them. The next time, it might be all about you!
Spooning Made Sexier
Spooning with your lover first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day isn't just a great way to reconnect physically and emotionally as a couple. It also can serve as a delightful, low-stress sexual position that allows both of you to feel one another's bodies while enjoying the delights of intercourse. Explore the erotic aspects of cuddling!
Don't Pull a Paris...
Want to save yourself from the potential embarrassment of a Paris Hilton-type sex tape scandal but are still dying to see your sultry moves on screen? Well you can. This tip requires a little bit more preparation than most, but if you like visual stimulation, itís well worth your time! Get a video camera (you can likely rent one if you don't have a camcorder of your own) and hook up the video cable to your television set. Then aim the camera at the location where you'll be having your sexual encounter, turn on the television and video camera, and voilŗ! You're the star of your very own sexy TV show. You'll be able to see yourself and your partner live without ever having to record a thing. Simply enjoy the moment and the visuals.
Shower Seduction
Contrary to popular belief, your partner does not have to be strong enough to hold you up if you want to have intercourse in the shower. Two positions work quite well, regardless of partner strength or size (although height may still be an inhibiting factor). The Leg Lift: Standing, she leans her back against the wall while he holds her knee up in the crook of his elbow. The Standing Doggy: She bends all the way over, keeping knees slightly bent and arms positioned against tub ledge, while he enters from behind, holding her hips.
Position Potpourri
Want to add variety to your lovemaking? Donít just try a new position, try them all! Get a book of sexual positions and move from one to the next, spending about a minute on each. See how many of them you can try! Mark your favorites to come back to next time, or keep the book near your bed and take turns book-marking positions youíd like to try next time.
Make Out Like Teenagers
Plan a date with your partner just like when you were a teenager. Start the evening at the movies, a concert or a friendís party. Afterwards, go parking on a back road and make out like crazy! Run your fingers through your sweetie's hair, do some crotch and chest groping and have hurried, intense kisses -- because you never know when you might get caught! Soon youíll feel that old puppy love/lust again.
Bath-time Fun for Women
Flowing water is excellent for clitoral stimulation and for many women itís an easy shortcut to orgasm. There are two ways to do this. One is to use a shower massager while standing up or leaning against the shower wall with one foot on the tub ledge or opposite wall. Adjust your hand-held shower massager to the right pressure for you and let the water flow over your clitoris. You can also lie on your back, positioning yourself under the tub faucet with your feet against the faucet wall (water should already be on). If the direct flow is too intense, use a wash cloth as a barrier or let the water flow above your clitoris. Once youíve got it down, invite your partner to come and watch your new trick!
Show & Tell
If youíve never taken the time to masturbate in front of each other, what are you waiting for? Take turns or do it simultaneously. Making moaning noises when you are about to reach orgasm will drive your partner wild. When masturbating, you also have greater control over the timing of your orgasm, so you can adjust your pace to reach orgasm at the same time. Not only is mutual masturbation a great way for you both to earn how the other likes to be touched, it also makes for an amazing erotic experience.
Role Playing in the Boudoir
Playing pretend is not just for kids; it can also set the stage for some erotic adult fun. First, choose your theme and decide who will play which role. For instance, you might try one of these combinations: cowboy / damsel in distress; delivery man / housewife; jock / cheerleader; professor / student; doctor or nurse / patient. Dressing up, changing your hair style, using an accent and acting the part will all help make it feel like a brand new sexual experience.
Shower Off!
If you've never had sex in the shower before, try it! And to make it even more fun, tease each other with a waterproof vibrator to start with.
Okay, this is getting a little more advanced, but a hammock can be a great accessory for sex -- giving you or your partner an almost weightless feeling. Indeed, there are a number of companies that sell "love swings" for this very purpose. So, if you can manage it, install a couple of bolts to the wall from which you can suspend a hammock. Here's the trick: lay down perpendicularly, in the middle of the swing; otherwise you risk pulling a "Gilligan" and falling right out!
Switch Hands
All too often people fall into a rut not just with sex, but with masturbation. For a change of pace, try masturbating with your other hand. Becoming less rigid will open up possibilities for you -- by yourself or with a partner.
Making Love to Yourself
While most people are looking for ways to make sex better with a partner, too often people forget about themselves. One of the joys of sex is seeing how much your partner is enjoying his or herself. Don't deny them (or yourself) that pleasure. Don't get so caught up in pleasing them that you forget to enjoy yourself.
Try a "Quickie"
Not every sexual encounter has to be a several-course meal; some can be light snacks you grab when you're starving!
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