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Oral Sex Techniques

Double Their Sensations
The next time youíre going to give oral pleasure to your partner, before you begin, have them lie down on a pillow with a slimline vibrator placed on top of it. When they lay back, the vibe should settle between their cheeks so it simply rests against their body. (Note that the vibe should not penetrate them in any way.) Once everything is positioned and they are comfortable, turn on the vibrator and start gratifying your lover orally. The combination of these top amazing sensations should send them through the roof!
A Suitable Stand-In
How can I put this delicately? Sometimes, when a woman is giving oral pleasure to her favorite man, her jaw can get a little tired. In fact, it's this simple truth that has made some women take fellatio out of their sexual repertoires all together. It's not that they don't want to do it. Sometimes, they simply don't have the stamina! Here's a tip to give women a break during oral sex so that both lovers can enjoy its pleasures. Women, after you've warmed your man up with some introductory play, take a break from your rhythm while using a gentle vibe to tickle the sensitive tip of his member. With this technique, you can continue to kiss and play with your man to keep the connection between you while also catching a break. By the time you "go back to work," he should be close to a satisfying climax.
Cool Off!
The next time you "go down south" on your partner, suck on some ice or a popsicle before you lick or suck on them. The chilling sensation will be a shocking yet erotic surprise for your partner. Plus, the cold will have a numbing effect on your tongue and mouth so the taste and feel of their natural juices will be less noticeable.
Explore Countless Kisses
There are so many different, delectable ways to kiss and lick your partner that it would be a shame to limit yourself to only a few. Instead, try to see how many kissing techniques you can come up with. Pretend youíre gently nibbling corn on the cob, swirling your tongue around a cone of ice cream, or playfully sucking a piece of candy. When you kiss them, donít limit yourself to their lips. Kiss body parts you normally pass over, such as the elbows, fingers, knees and back. Remember that variety tends to heighten sensation, so this erotic experience may drive your partner wild with desire!
Be Smooth as Silk
Surprise your partner by shaving your "naughty parts." Not only will the skin be nice and smooth, but it can make oral sex more pleasant for both of you. (Your nerve endings are more exposed and they wonít have loose pubic hairs to contend with). For a truly erotic experience, let your partner shave your pubic hair for you as a prelude to oral adventures. Being up close and personal with a delicate and slow touch can be very arousing for you both.
Add a Little Buzz
When youíre performing oral sex on your partner, try simultaneously stimulating her clitoris or his testicles and perineum (the area between his scrotum and anus) with a smaller vibrating bullet. The buzzing sensation along with your oral stimulation is sure to drive your partner wild with pleasure.
Hum a Sexy Tune
Want to add something extra to your passionate performance? Hum a song while giving oral sex to your partner. If youíre too shy for a solo, hum along to whatever mood music you have playing. The tune isnít important. Itís the vibrations of the humming that will bring your partner to new heights. They might even beg you for an encore!
Chill Out!
Put a sliver of ice in your mouth and let it melt while licking your partner. Then take the ice cube out of your mouth and let small drops of ice water fall on various parts of your lover's body.
Nibble, Nibble
There are so many different ways to kiss and lick your partner. Try to see how many you can come up with. For example, pretend you are gently nibbling corn-on-the-cob, or swirling your tongue around a cone of ice cream. Experiment and enjoy!
Look, No Hands
If he ever complains about using condoms, tell him you know how to put one on with your mouth. (Yes, this will take some practice.) Start with a non-lubricated condom (you can add lube once itís on) or a flavored condom. Unroll it about 1-2 inches and put it in your mouth, tip first. Keep the remaining unrolled part against your lips (like youíre about to blow a bubble with gum). Put the condom on his penis with your mouth and roll it down with your lips (keep your lips tight) while slightly sucking the condom tip (so it doesnít go on too tight). You may need to use your hand to get the condom over the head of his penis. The entire experience is very erotic and he may never complain about using condoms again.
Hot and Cold Oral Sex
First tease them with ice, then fill your mouth with warm tea and pleasure them. They won't know whether to shiver or melt!
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