Dr. Laura Berman - Aphrodite Infrared Rechargeable Massager

Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Product Code: SE9735143
Availability: In Stock
Price: $69.90

As seen on Oprah! The Aphrodite vibrator lets you completely relax with the infrared massager that has soft, interchangeable heads and two speeds of vibration

This product is designed to provide powerful vibrations for intense orgasms and muscle tension relief (as is our Rechargeable Infrared Massager).

Product Specifications:
  •  Multiple Speeds
  •  Vibrates

Special Features:
Hand-held massager has an infrared head on one side and three interchangeable sleeves on the other for a variety of sensations Massaging head with Flexo-Joint is designed to move with you and can be used for muscle relaxation as well as erogenous zone stimulation Choose from high and low vibration, with infrared heat available on low to provide warming, soothing sensations Attachments are smooth, pinpoint, and nubby for a unique feel, and they are very easy to add and remove Rechargeable massager comes with a 110-volt AC charger to charge the internal battery (compatible with standard US outlets only).

Lube Recommended: Silicone Based

My husband and I purchased this vibrator about six months ago. I remember seeing it featured on Oprah when Dr. Laura Berman was a guest. She called it "a sure thing." And I tell you what, truer words were never spoken! It's the greatest thing to happen to our sex life in the three years we have been married. Sex wasn't bad before we started using this vibrator, it just wasn't consistent and it certainly didn't get me to orgasm very much. Since we started using the vibrator, sex has become out of this world amazing. I can achieve two or three orgasms in one session. The orgasms are incredible, and I can feel it head to toe! Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. They are incredible. I highly recommend this product for every woman who is questioning whether or not she's achieved orgasm. -- onehornychick - 01/23/2013

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