JO 8 oz Anal H2O Lubricant

Manufacturer: System Jo
Product Code: JO40108
Availability: Not In Stock
Price: $16.92

Rich and Thick! When you’re ready to enjoy the tempting pleasures of anal play, JO ANAL H2O Water-based Lubricant is the ultimate choice. The extra thickness of this lubricant will allow you to keep the lube exactly where you need it. Who knew a water-based lube could be this slick and in control?! Explore your toy play with JO ANAL H2O for a fun, frolicking time! Clean-up is a breeze by simply rinsing with water. This formula does not contain desensitizers. Keep it ready when you or your partner are up for some awesome ANAL ACTION!!

This is one of the best lubes I have ever experienced in my life. I love that it takes forever for it to get to a point of reapplication, also that I can use water to rehydrate the chemical of the lube and not apply more. I suggest this to every one. -- - 05/26/2016

This is the most amazing, thickest water based lube I've EVER come across (pun intended). It's the only non edible one I'll use. It lasts really well and doesn't irritate me at all. -- - 10/29/2016

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