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Male Toy Guide from MyPleasure

Male Toy - A sex toy used by men for masturbation or during partner sex. May be in the form of a masturbation sleeve (a hollow, cylindrical device into which the penis is inserted and stimulated by texturizing inside the sleeve and/or vibration; can be made of any material, but is usually TPEjelly, or a realistic material such as Futurotic TM), a vacuum pump (generally presented as enlargers, but only very temporarily do any enlarging; most basic models are a clear plastic cylinder with a rubber-lined opening in which to insert the penis and have a hand-held rubber pump that creates the vacuum, others have textured sleeves inside, vibration or suction), a tickler (a thin sleeve that has ridges or nodules or other protrusions made to be rolled on the penis like a condom and supposedly for the partner's pleasure) or an erection ring (a silicone, jelly or rubber ring that goes on the penis; some vibrate or have a clitoral stimulator that vibrates for partner sex). May also apply to any vibrator when used to stimulate the penis or testicles.

We know selecting a male toy can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, if you answer three simple questions, it's easy!

1. Results: What do you want this toy to do for you (or him)?

  • Are you looking for something to provide texture and sensation when masturbating? Then a sleeve is ideal, although a pump might also work.
  • Something to temporarily enlarge the penis or increase erection stamina? Pumps or erection rings are ideal.
  • Something for him to use with his partner? A vibrating erection ring is the answer.
  • Does he have erectile dysfunction? If so, you'll want to consider a PPA, extendererection ring or harness.
  • Is he into anal play? Try an anal plugdildo or vibrator. For the best results, select an anal toy that's curved to stimulate his prostate.

2. Materials: What do you want this toy to feel like?

  • Do you want something that feels as much like skin as possible? Then you should look for materials like CyberskinTM, Futurotic and Soft Touch. For a general overview of materials, read The MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toy Materials.
  • Consider whether he'd like something that simulates the real thing, something with a smoother, advanced feel or something with a unique texture .
  • Select a more pliable material, like jelly or silicone, if you are new to toys. The added flexibility and softness of these materials will be more comfortable for you as you experiment with what you enjoy.
  • There's no perfect answer for what every man will like when it comes to sex toy material, since every body is different. You may want to try several materials and see what works best.

3. Size: Big? Small? Tight? Loose? They all feel good.

  • Masturbation sleeves are particularly tricky to size, so we've provided an entirely separate article explaining how to select the correctly sized masturbation sleeve.
  • For erection rings, you'll want to be aware not only of the size of the ring, but also factors like material, how you put it on, and how easy it is to take off.
  • Finally, for anything used for penetration of any kind, including anal toys, PPAs, extenders and harnesses, start with a smaller size if you're new to these types of toys. Don't fall into the trap of thinking bigger is better all the time! Work your way up as you get more comfortable.

Make Sure You Have All Your Accessories

Finally, after you've selected the product that you think meets your needs, make sure you have all of the following:

Hopefully, you've found a toy you like and you'll enjoy it for the near(and far) future!

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Rapture Rapture
Soft and lifelike, a great first masturbation sleeve.
 Fireman Fireman's Pump
A classic and simple pump for first time users.
 Berrylicious Berrylicious Ring
This vibrating erection ring is stretchy for ease of use.

Do erection creams and potions really work?
Some do, but mostly because of the different sensations they can create. For an explanation of how erection creams work, please see the MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toys on Male Toys.

Why do all the masturbation sleeves seem so small?
Masturbation sleeves may seem small, but you'd be surprised how much they can accommodate. For more information, please see The Ins and Outs of Masturbation Sleeve Dimensions.

Should I use lubricant with my toy?
Yes! You should always use lubricant with any sex toy. We recommend using lubricant for all types of sex play.

What type of lubricant should I use?
That depends on what type of sex toy you have! Look for your answer in Lubricant - How Do I Use It With Sex Toys?

How can I make my penis bigger?
You can create minor size and stamina increases in your penis with either a pump or an erection ring. However, these results are only temporary. For more information, please read the MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toys on Male Toys, as well as Dr. Gardos' answer to this very question.

How do I care for my CyberskinTM or realistic toy?
Realistic materials can be tricky to care for, but with some attention they will last and satisfy for a long time. Please read our article, Realistics - So Close to the Real Thing for details.

For specific questions, please email us at or visit the MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toys