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Leave Your Mark
Hereís a tip for all you lovers out there, whether youíre a man or a woman. Before your next romantic night in with your partner, go to a drugstore and purchase a cheap red lipstick. Then, after youíve spent a passionate night together and youíre getting ready the next morning, leave a sweet or sexy note written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. When your lover gets up to shower, theyíll make the happy discovery of your message to them. Itís a sexy, inexpensive and unexpected way to declare your love -- or to tell your partner what a sexual superstar they are!
They're Playing Our Song
When a couple gets married, they traditionally select a song that represents their love for one another to play for the first dance at their wedding. Try taking that tradition one step further -- whether you and your lover are married or not. Pick out a special song that for the two of you means S-E-X. You can play it for one another as a signal that youíre in the mood for love or simply share a secret smile when it plays somewhere when youíre out together. It will be a great reminder of special, hot times you share.
Sexy, Secret Seclusion
In this busy world we live in, it can be hard for a couple to find time to indulge themselves by enjoying time together. We want to change that! This tip requires some advance planning, but we think you'll find it well worth the effort. Pick a weekend, or even a couple days of the week, that you want to spend all alone with your partner. Then, tell all the people in your lives that you're headed out of town, but don't go anywhere. The week before youíre scheduled to "leave," stock up on your favorite foods (or order in), make sure you've got movies to watch (or not watch!), and of course have all kinds of lubricants, toys and games on hand for frisky fun. Then when the time comes, you'll have nowhere you need to go, and no one you have to see. You can simply be with your partner and spend the time lovin' and lounging. We think you'll have so much fun that this might become an annual "vacation"!
Nothing Up Your Sleeve
Forget strip poker. Someday, when your lover isnít home, hide playing cards around the house in tough-to-find places. Then let them know that every time they discover one of the hidden cards, youíll grant them a sexual wish. Different cards can even have special designations. You decide the naughty meaning behind each one. But be aware, when you first tell your lover about this new treat, it might become a hurried game of Hide and Seek! However, if you hide your cards well enough, your lover may still be finding them months down the road. And thatís a lot of good loviní.
Screen Kiss
Watching the film is one good reason to sit in a darkened theatre, but it certainly isnít the only one! Kissing and cuddling with someone youíre sweet on is definitely another. The next time you head to the multiplex, we suggest you put the movie make-out session back into your romantic repertoire. What kinds of movies are good for making out? All kinds. Pick a thriller if you want to be able to clutch onto your partner during suspense scenes. Choose a love story with a sweeping soundtrack if youíre looking for some added romantic ambiance. And if you really want things to get hot and heavy, go to a matinee of a movie thatís been out for a while. You might have the whole theatre to yourselves!
Audio O's
So you want to do something special ... Your partner is leaving town and you want to be remembered. You could write a note or put a picture of yourself in your partnerís wallet, but why not be more creative? It might take some preparation, but it will definitely be a memorable surprise. Record your orgasm--yes, you heard us! Your partner wonít expect it, but imagine the exciting surprise when the tape is found. First, get a small tape recorder, and when you have some time to yourself, hit "Record" and start telling your partner where you are touching yourself, or simply record the sound of your heavy breathing as you explore your body. Donít be shy; record yourself moaning and calling your partnerís name. Once your "moaning masterpiece" is complete, slide the tape and the tape recorder into a large manila envelope marked: *Private: Listen when alone*. Be sure this title is clearly visible for your partner to see but that the envelope is not reachable enough to be pulled out in a business meeting. Then, when your lover is alone, they'll be able to listen to your sexy moaning. Who would ever forget such a pleasurable sound!
Create a Passion Zone
Feeling uninspired when it comes to sex? Maybe it's your surroundings! If your bedroom is currently cluttered with bills, work papers, maybe even your dear old stuffed animals, it's time to clean up and turn on... your libido, that is! Make this once-sensual haven sex-appropriate again by moving the laptop out and erotic toys in. Bring some richly scented candles to the nightstand, as well as a selection of favorite lubes, condoms, massage oils, and the like. Change the lighting to something softer and sultrier. Most importantly, create a nest you and a lover will never want to leave by appointing your bed with luxurious linens in a mix of sumptuous fabrics. It's guaranteed you'll feel sexier when surrounded by sexy things!
The Great Indoors
Who says you have to travel deep into the woods and go camping to share a sleeping bag with your lover? Plan a great escape in your very own home for the night! Place pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags on the living room floor (or an air mattress if you don't want to totally rough it). Then get ready to cuddle. Make a fire if you have a fireplace. Eat marshmallows and fun camping snacks. Open a bottle of wine. Tell scary stories or read to one another. (No fair turning on the TV; thereís no cable in the woods!) When you're ready to go to "sleep," zip your sleeping bags together or simply slip into one together--naked--and leave the rest to your imagination. You might find that indoor camping is as much fun as outdoor camping, only a whole lot warmer.
Forget the Quickie
While there's nothing wrong with an impromptu, frenzied sex session, why not set aside time for romance? Plan a veritable Sexapalooza of lovemaking with your partner -- complete with sensual itinerary. It could include erotic massage, your favorite games, edible treats, adult toys, etc. Choose a special day in advance with your lover and be sure to have everything you need on hand, such as lube and condoms, so no one has to leave the bedroom unless it's absolutely necessary. Then load up the CD player with mood music and let the sexcapade begin!
Delightful (Dirty) Dancing
Ah, dancing ... It's not just a fun pastime and good exercise. Itís also the kind of date-night activity that can naturally lead into a night of lust. Whether you and your lover organize an evening out at a nightclub or a private "club night" at home, dancing will allow the two of you to get close--and get freaky--outside of the bedroom. Listen to the music and feel the beat. Take advantage of each dance to touch, feel, and kiss your partnerís body. Be sensual. Tickle their ear with hot breath and whisper what you would do to them if you were in bed together. No need to have fancy moves or be a pro on the dance floor, just enjoy the moment with your partner. Itís all about how you two feel together and the anticipation of being alone together after a sweaty evening filled with sensual desire.
Let's Do Lunch
Many of us have heard about the "long lunch" as the perfect time for a sexual tryst, but how many people have actually tried it? Don't wait any longer! Add some spice to your sex life by organizing a secret rendezvous with your partner during the noontime hour. Pick a day when your afternoon schedules are completely free of meetings, just in case a long lunch turns into an even longer evening. You can meet your lover in a hotel, at home, or between your offices. Heck, if nothing else, go park your car someplace and simply make out like lovers who havenít seen each other in a month. Donít mention anything to anyone. No conversation is needed, unless, of course, itís to express your desires.
Sensualize the Bath
Sex up your bathroom with a few erotic accessories that are inviting to both you and a potential playmate. If you have tons of counter space or open shelves, fill 'em up with candles. Keep scented bath oils and waterproof toys close at hand as well as silicone lubricant in a shatterproof bottle (just don't use silicone lubricant with silicone toys!) to take full advantage of the sensual joys of bathing. Also, be sure you have a private place to store all of these items should you have children or guests around!
Bath-Time Fun
Baths are much more than just a way to get clean! They can also be a sexy way to reconnect with your partner. Taking the time to bathe each other and wash one anotherís hair can be a fantastic sensual delight. Make the most of this experience by setting the mood with candles, using aromatic bath oils or even trying edible soap. You can also make things a little racier by adding a waterproof sex toy to your fun.
Use Sheet Signals
Want to make sure your romantic signals donít get crossed? Buy a set of "special" sheets (or even just pillow cases) that you or your partner can put on the bed to silently request a romantic rendezvous. The linens might be a racy color, a sexy material like satin, or even plain old flannel. What theyíre made of doesnít matter -- itís the message they send that counts!
Sexy Chef
Prepare an aphrodisiac dinner for two wearing nothing but an apron and a smile. Many foods have been thought to be aphrodisiacs, including oysters, pine nuts, peaches, grapes, walnuts -- even asparagus! But even more important than the ingredients you use is that you make the meal light and delicious and use foods that stir the senses by evoking arousing smells, tastes and textures. Set the mood by playing sensual background music and placing candles in every room, and end the evening with an intimate romp on the table or in the kitchen.
Go Postal!
Buy some beautiful stationery, spray it with your favorite cologne or perfume and create an invitation for a romantic date or trip for you and your lover. Include the time, date, what to wear and where to meet, but keep the romantic event a surprise. Address the envelope to your lover and drop it in the mail. In this era of e-mails, IMs and cell phones, the invitation will be a very special and romantic surprise followed by an equally surprising, romantic date.
Burn a Romantic CD
Remember mix tapes? To get you both in the mood, make a mix CD of your favorite sexy songs. It doesn't matter what the songs are, as long as they make you feel sexy when you hear them. If your sweetie doesn't share your musical taste, listen to it ahead of time to get yourself going.
Don't forget simple, sensual pleasures. Something as subtle as brushing your partner's hair (with a brush or your fingers) can feel wonderful for both of you.
Lighten Up
When most people give their partner a massage, they act like they are trying to work a cramp out of a football player's leg. For a much more sensual (and sexy) approach, try the opposite: see how lightly you can run your hands over their body while still making contact. You can even try brushing your fingers slightly above the skin, tickling only the hair (if they have any). Ooooo.
Mr. Bubble
It's not just for kids anymore. Try taking a warm, sensuous bath with your partner or yourself. Use aromatic oils and scented bubble bath. Feel your body relax and your sexual spirit soar.
Speak and Spell
Next time you are giving your partner a back rub, try spelling out a secret message with your finger and see if he or she can guess what you wrote. Take turns and see who gets more right. What the winner gets is up to you! :)
The Forgotten Erogenous Zone!
Start out your foreplay by washing your partner's feet and then massaging them with a peppermint lotion. Then work up to kissing and licking their feet. By then, theyíll be worked up for other things!
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